green hills rising

E.P. Cowley

Plein Air Picture

Climbing into the hills I wenton work-worn feeta bird announced the arrival of springbut I could only weepfor the grass was a color that I had seenin childhood dreamsI had forgotten the new-born huesof early spring
winter-starved and tired of toilin city streetsI came upon this narrow trackhalf-choked with weedsit’s led me by surprising waysand clearer streamsI won’t go back this way leads homehigherinto green

EP Cowley

Father Matthew Offers the Mass

Father Matthew offers the mass aloneto an empty houselifting bread to heaven for usas we wait at home for the all clearbut it’s not the same.
In his mind he hears our shuffling shoessees us straggling in from the streetshoming instincts drawing us into be lifted into the holy.
God’s chronic hope is a full houseevergreen children crowding inbanging the tables and asking for moreof all he gives.
meanwhileFather Matthew waits at the doorwatching the skyholding the keys.

EP Cowley
EP Cowley, painting by JM Cowley
J.M. Cowley